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Torture Domain[edit]

Clerics of the Torture domain has one motivation: to inflict pain on a subject/victim. Their powers can be used for extracting information from unwilling suspects, for conversion by force and fear, or for sadistic entertainment.

Granted Powers[edit]

Spells that have the stunning effect can be cast at +1 caster level. Clerics gain bonus equal to half of their level against sickening effect. Even evil clerics can use cure spells as if they are good clerics, only against non-evil creature.

Non-evil clerics can use a torture domain spell with the evil descriptor, but they must make a will save equal to the DC of the spell. If they fail, the alignment moves one level closer to evil.

Torture Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Stinging Itch: Victim's body is irritated with itch.
  2. Cramp: Victim's muscles starts to cramp.
  3. Peel: Victim's skin starts peeling off.
  4. Agonize: Victim is subject to stunning pain at will of the caster.
  5. Razor Blood: Victim's blood turn into razors that inflicts pain from within the body.
  6. Thorny Bones: Victim's bones grow spikes that pierce flesh.
  7. Wriggle Intestine: Victim's intestine squirms inside the body, trying to break out.
  8. Lung Blow:Victim's lung becomes blown up or squeezed at caster's will.
  9. Torment Puzzle:Victim's body tears apart like a jigsaw-puzzle, but does not die.

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