Thorny Bones (3.5e Spell)

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Throny Bones
Necromancy [Evil]
Level: Torture 6, Biomancer 7, Sor/Wiz 8
Components: V,S,F
Casting time: 1d4 rounds
Range: Close (25ft.+5ft./2 levels)
Target: One living creature
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

The subject's skeleton goes through a terrifying mutation. She takes 1d4+1 Constitution damage, as the bones get remolded into a shape similar to a large rose plant.

After the transformation, every time the subject takes an action she takes 1d6 points of damage and there is a 50% chance of that action being canceled, stunning her for 1 round. The flesh-piercing spikes can be removed by Regenerate, Wish or by Miracle. This spell can also be temporarily be negated by damage equal to half of the subject's hp that is not dealt by Thorny Bones.  When that much damage is dealt, there is 8 hours before the effect of thorny bones recovers.

This spell automatically fails when cast upon a creature with no skeletal support.

Focus: A seed of a rose.

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