Lung Blow (3.5e Spell)

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Lung Blow
Necromancy [Evil]
Level: Torture 8
Components: S,M
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25ft.+5ft./2 levels) , see text
Target: One living creature
Duration: 1 minutes/level
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

A subject within close range of the caster has her breathing organ linked with the component balloon that the caster uses. Once the spell is in effect, the caster can choose to blow up the balloon, or to squeeze all the air out of the lung wherever the subject is.

  • squeeze: The subject is deprived of breath. She has penalty to attack, saves, and skills equal to half of the caster level. During the effect of the spell, the subject must make another fortitude save every round. Another fail means penalty is equal to the caster level. Another fail after that means the penalty is equal to the caster level + 20 and become prone. The subject is kept alive and conscious by the spell, so she does not die or become unconscious.
  • blow: The subject's lung is filled with so much air that it feels overstretched. Each round, the subject must make further Fortitude saves. Successful save means the subject is stunned. Failed save will cause the lung to rupture, stunning the subject for 1d10 rounds and dealing 2 Constitution damage. After the rounds, the spell regenerates the lung and the spell continues. This spell does not lower the subject's Constitution below 1.

The caster can switch between squeeze and blow. If the caster switches between the two effects, the subject gets 1 round before they have to make their fortitude checks.

When using the squeeze effect, one of the caster's hand is occupied. When using the blow effect, the caster's mouth is covered and cannot speak. This spell automatically fails against a creature that does not have a breathing organ and does not breathe. This spell can be made permanent by a wizard of level 10 higher than the target, doing so takes 4,500XP.

Material Component: A balloon.

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