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Staff, Legendary (Spellcaster of choatic alignment.)

A staff created by the chaos god Tzeentch, this weapon has channeled magic that shattered worlds, and has been cast through the warp to gain further knowledge. Semi-sentient the staff corrupts the user, constantly encouraging them to pursue unknown magics, and the favor of Tzeentch by sending him souls.

Offer Soul. When a spell cast by the wielder, either through normal spellcasting or the spell thief feature, kills a creature, they may choose to feed the staff. If done so, the creature's soul must perform a Wisdom saving throw equal to the staffs Spell DC (found in Spell thief abillity), or be consumed by the staff.

Souls Required

  • Stage two: 25 humanoid souls and 12 creatures with a CR 5 or greater.
  • Stage three: 100 humanoid souls with a lawful alignment and 6 magical creature's with a CR 10 or greater.
  • Stage Four: 1000 humanoid souls with a lawful/neutral good alignment and 3 powerful magical creatures with a CR 20 or greater.
  • Stage 5: 5 celestial souls, and you must bind your own soul to Tzeentch.

Absorb Spell. The staff is able to cast the Counterspell spell:

  • Stage One: Use 2 charges to cast a 3rd level counterspell. The staff holds up to 10 charges, and regains 1d8+1 charges at twilight.
  • Stage Two: Use 3 charges to cast a 4th level counterspell. The staff holds up to 20 charges, and regains 1d10+5 charges at twilight.
  • Stage Three: Use 4 charges to cast 5th level counterspell. The staff holds up to 40 charges, and regains 1d12+10 charges at twilight.
  • Stage Four: Use 5 charges to cast 6th level counterspell. The staff holds up to 80 charges, and regains 1d20+15 charges at twilight.

If the staff uses all its charges the player rolls a 1d20. On a critical failure they suffer the Consequences.

Spell Thief. When a spell been negated, make a DC 25 Arcana check. On a success, the staff stores the spell, and can cast it on a later turn for charges equal to the spells level. Spell's cast from the staff have the same DC is equal

  • Stage One : The staff can absorb spells up to level 1. Spells can be stolen, then cast with a spell DC 15, and get +7 to hit.
  • Stage Two : The staff can absorb spells up to level 3. Spells can be stolen, then cast with a spell DC 20, and get +10 to hit.
  • Stage Three: The staff can absorb spells up to level 6. Spells can be stolen, then cast with a spell DC 25, and get +12 to hit. Spells of the 6th level can only be absorbed once. Use of this feature is regained after complete a long rest.
  • Stage Four: The staff can absorb spells up to level 9. Spells can be stolen, then cast with a Spell DC 30, and get +15 to hit. Spells of the 8th and 9th can only be absorbed once. Use of this feature is regained after complete a long rest.

Summon Greater Deamon Of Tzeentch Once the staff reaches Stage 5, it gains the spell summon greater daemon The Lord Of Change. which it can cast for 80 charges at a DC 25 Arcana check, failing means you become the component of the spell. Once cast, the staff can't be used until it recovers the equivalent of 160 charges, and the spell can't be cast again until the staff is fed 500 souls of humanoids or a powerful creature with CR 18.

Chaotic Corruption Wielding the Staff of Tzeentch take's a toll on the character as they are warped and changed by the powers of chaos itself. This feature can not reduce an ability score below 3.

  • Stage one: The character has their Strength score is reduced by, Dexterity reduced by 2, and Constitution score reduced by 2. Addtionally, they have disadvantage on Strength saving throws. A blackish green pox mark appears over the next few days somewhere on the character
  • Stage Two: The wielder becomes used to its reduced strength and no longer has disadvantage on saving throws. The marks spread to a hand sized area and are hard to the touch
  • Stage Three: The wielder begins to feel differently, but better at the same time. The wielder increases their Strength score by 2, Dexterity by 1, and Constitution by 1. The marks spread to one third of the characters body and their veins pulse close to the skin; almost with an invisible green glow.
  • Stage Four: The character feels better than eve,r despite the markings ravaging its forms. The wielder increase their Strength score by 2, to a maximum of 22, and incrases their Dexterity and Constitution scores by 1 to a maximum of 21. The markings cover most of the character and slowly leak a blackish pus.
  • Stage Five: The characters new form is a twisted parody of the being it once was, but this new form has strength after the ravages it went through. The wielder increases their Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores 2, to a maximum of 23.

Consequences After attuning to the staff, if the wielder tries to unattune with the staff, get rid of the staff, or tries to tell anyone of the existence of the sentience in the staff, they must make a DC 25 Wisdom saving throw or have their soul eaten and sent to Tzeentch while their body is used as a component to summon a daemon of Tzeentch in its place. On a successful roll, the character takes 5d10 psychic damage.

Sentience. The staff is chaotic evil and has an 20 Intelligence, 19 Wisdom, and 26 Charisma.
Personality. The staff is manipulative with plans within plans derived by an ancient and alien intelligence. Driven by it's hunger for knowledge, magic, and souls, it drives the wielder to fulfill theses desires. Feeding it only deepens its appetite. It communicates telepathically via images and ideas overlaying thousand's of whispering voices all promising power and secret's, The staff will insist that it's intelligence and the corruption to be kept hidden, as each stage is unlocked the staff will become more and more demanding for its hunger to be filled and for the character to take the next step until it pushes for the character to take the final step. At stage five what ever is left of the character is but a shell of their former selves all their actions are in service of Tzeentch.


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