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This deity is part of the Narnian Fanfic pantheon, the pantheon of the Narnia fanfic setting. It can also be used with other settings.


Tash represents the 'demonic' or 'vile' aspects of enemies of the Christian God as portayed in the Bible, in C.S. Lewis' Narnia novel series.


Intermediate Deity
Symbol: An idol in the image of Tash's Avatar
Home Plane: Tash's Country
Alignment: Chaotic Evil, with Lawful Evil tendancies
Portfolio: people of Calormen, vile deeds, cruelty
Clergy Alignments: any
Domains: chaos, death, destruction, evil, war
Favored Weapon: scimitar, spear



Tash is the patron deity of the nation of Calormen. He is the god of royalty, honor, courtly behavior, and everything Calormens love about their country. Though his clerics preach honor, responsibility, civility, and courteous behavior, his church also teaches conquest, slavery, cruelty, elitism, racism, sexism, materialism, totalitarianism, and treachery. Unfortunately, Tash doesn't really love his people, he just loves the power he gets from their worship and loyalty, and delights in their vices.

As the chief Chaotic Evil deity in the Narnian pantheon, Tash resembles Cyric, but is of course modeled on Satan as depicted in the Bible.

Tash appears as a gaunt, lanky, four - armed vrock wearing expensive scale mail and gold jewelry. He can change size and is sometimes incorporeal.


  • Tash is the one and only god of Calormen and Calormens are Tash's one and only people. Other religions and other nations must be respected but they are ultimately enemies of Tash and Calormen and no loyal Calormen would regard them as anything else. The Calormen royal family are direct descendents of Tash and it is the duty of all loyal followers of Tash to respect the hierarchal society of Calormen.
  • Calormen is the only true and worthy empire. All other 'nations' are barbarian people or wildernesses controlled by packs of fantastic wild animals. It is the responsibility of all Calormens to do their part to expand and defend the empire economically, militarily, and physically against Tash's enemies and lawless barbarians.
  • It is every Calormen's duty to behave like a civilized person. The lowliest slave cannot be expected to understand the finer points, but he can be expected to know his place and bow appropriately. For those of means, one is expected to be educated on the proper way of everything from greeting a guest to writing poetry so that one will always show proper courteous behavior whenever in public, and avoid activities outside his expertise or status.
  • Every Calormen is encouraged to seek to improve his social standing through business, marriage, education, etc., as power and wealth are pleasing to the deity.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

All Calormens of noble or royal blood are considered to be direct descendents of the god and thus honorary clergy, especially the emperor; in addition there is a formal clergy who study Tash's law and will. Only native people of Calormen can become clergy. Clergy dress in elaborate robes whose level of extravagance indicates their rank, or else their finest battle armor.

Tash has many small temples and countless idols; all these are but pitiful reminders of the great temple in Tashbaan featuring a massive idol covered in precious metals and gems surrounded by marble and silken d├ęcor.


Tash has no real allies, and isn't seeking any, though he will temporarily partner with other deities who will support his own goals. He has a rivalry with Aslan and regards the lion as both archenemy and one of the few worthy foes in the multiverse.

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