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Hey. To be a bit more specific than Avaloon up there, this does have some balancing issues for a typical campaign. Here's a few I noticed:

  • Most racial traits appear to actions, but do not specify if they can be used as "an action" or a "bonus action" or etc.
  • "Eyes of the Gate" does not specify how long it lasts. Furthermore, it would be simpler and more elegant to just state it can only be used three times—no player-character would use it a fourth time with a penalty like that, anyway.
  • I imagine you already realize this, but there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors throughout, which can make it difficult to understand.
  • The subrace(s?) don't really make any sense. If each "mind type" is a separate subrace, each one should be listed separately under a new header. Regardless, most of the subrace traits appear to be overly powerful in 5e (including a flat +2 bonus to AC and a flat +2 bonus to attack rolls).

Some of the other racial traits might be overly powerful or oddly situational as well, but those are the main glaring ones I noticed right away. - Guy (talk) 08:27, 30 April 2017 (UTC)

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