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Create Wight
5th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 day
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (One medium humanoid corpse, one black diamond worth at least 500gp, one cup of blood from a humanoid creature which this spell consumes, and one long sword worth at least 15 gp)
Duration: Instantaneous

You can cast this spell only at night. Choose one corpse of a medium humanoid within range. The user inserts the black diamond into the corpse's mouth and pours the human blood over its face, before chanting a ritual. As the blood soaks into the corpse, it raises, after 24 hours. Flip a coin. If heads, the Wight becomes friendly and will obey your commands; else, it becomes hostile and will immediately attack you. You can only control one wight at a time. If this spell is cast while another wight is active, the new wight is still created, though it will become hostile.

The wight rolls for its own initiative. If the wight deals the last point of damage to a humanoid creature, the creature rises as a ghoul, under the wight's command, and by extension, yours.

As a bonus action, you can command either the Wight, or the group of ghouls. You decide what action either the Wight or ghouls will take and where they will move during its next turn, or you can issue a general command, such as to guard you as you sleep. If you issue no commands, the ghouls only defend themselves against hostiles. Once given an order, the ghouls continue to follow it until the task is complete. If the task is impossible, they will return to you for further orders.

The ghouls roll for initiative as a group. The wight can raise a maximum of 3 ghouls at a time. If the wight kills another humanoid creature, the ghoul with the lowest HP is destroyed and replaced by a new ghoul. If the wight is dismissed or destroyed, the ghouls become hostile and frenzied, before attacking anything within 30 feet, at random. [The DM has game statistics for both the Wight and Ghouls.]

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 6 or higher, the Wight can raise one extra ghoul per spell slot level.

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