Solar Blitz (5e Spell)

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Solar Blitz
Evocation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 5 feet
Components: V, M (a weapon)
Duration: Instantaneous

Your weapons burst with light, making all who stand against you fear the light. Make a spell attack. On a hit, you deal the weapons normal damage and a flash of pure light comes from the tip of the spear, blinding all other creatures in a 10 feet radius from the attacked creature. All affected creatures that are hostile to the target must do a Constitution saving throw. On a failure, they recieve your spellcasting modifier in radiant damage and have disadvantage on their next attack rol. On a succed, nothing happens. If the creature is an undead or fiend, they have disadvantage.

This spell's damage increases to 1d4 to the initial creature and 1d4 plus your spellcasting modifier to those that fail the saving throw when you reach 5th level, and both damages increase by a dice at 11th level (2d4) and at 17th level (3d4).

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