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Weapon (Longsword), Very Rare

This blade looks like an abnormally large, monochromatic scissor, with a handle that can be either D-shaped, or O-shaped. Typically these come in red but can be other colors depending on the wielder's personality.

Storage Mode When not needed, the Scissor Blade can reduce to roughly the size of a pocket knife. Interestingly, it also will weigh as much as a pocket knife.

Decapitation Node Up to twice per day, you can make the Scissor Blade expand into "Decapitation Mode", doubling its length, and becoming a two-handed weapon. Doing so counts as a move action. Contrary to what the name suggests, Decapitation Mode is actually meant to strip clothing and armor away. Any attack made while in decapitation mode suffers a -3 penalty to hit, but deals 3d8 slashing damage. In addition, any Light Armor on the target is completely destroyed and any medium armor gets damaged (reducing its AC bonus by 2, and making be treated as light armor for all intents and purposes). Heavy armor, natural armor, and shields are unaffected by this mode. Reversing this change takes a full action.

Full Set Every Scissor Blade has a "mate", a second Scissor Blade that fits together with it(the mates have different handles). Once this mate is located, the wielder may combine them into a complete set of scissors (And separate them as a full action). Doing this makes every attack with the Scissor Blade Set strike twice, using the same attack roll. In the combined state, Decapitation Mode is unavailable.

Scissor Blade Set.png
Two scissor blades combined

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