Schrodinger's Von Neumann Wigner Quantum Revival (5e Spell)

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Schrodinger's Von Neumann Wigner Quantum Revival
9th-level Abjuration
Casting time: 1 Reaction
Range: self
Components: A golden sculpture of a cat's skull, worth at least 5000 gp, which the spell consumes.
Duration: Instantaneous

When you drop to your maximum hp expressed as a negative, fail three death saves or otherwise die, you cast this spell as a reaction if able. You cannot choose not to cast this spell, except by not learning it. A 10-foot radius globe of magical darkness shrouds you from view. If no creature can currently see you, you gain knowledge of your two quantum superpositions, Life and Death. You may then choose between them. Upon choosing death, the spell ends and the darkness fades over the next five rounds to reveal that you have died. You die. If you chose life, the darkness scatters dramatically, revealing you to be standing in the spell's epicenter unharmed. You regain all hit points, though not spell slots or expended consumables and ammunition. If at any point during the spell's casting you are observed by another creature, the spell fails and you die.

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