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Wondrous item, artifact

This palm-sized red gemstone has been passed along a lineage of humanity's greatest leaders and rulers since time immemorial. Its unique composition and crystallization allows it to refract Hamon perfectly, which can imbue the undead with so much lifeforce that rather than dying, they become truly and completely immortal.

Hamon Refraction When a Hamon Warrior uses a Hamon technique while wielding the Red Stone of Aja, they may reduce the technique's cost to 1 unless its cost was already 1 or lower, in which it becomes 0.

Perfect Lifeform. A creature that is in some way a vampire but did not multiclass into the Sideshow class can don a Stone Mask laden with this stone to ascend to become the ultimate lifeform. Once achieved, they are resistant to all damage, except for radiant and necrotic which they are immune to. Any resources that they have (i.e. spirit points, Hamon, spell slots, etc.) are doubled. If they had a regeneration ability from a vampiric source, it only ceases to function if they are at 0 hit points. Additionally, they may do the following:

Origin of Life. As an action, they create any generic beast anywhere within your reach. This creature is charmed by you.
Lifeshaper. As an action, they or one creature they created that they are touching gains any game statistics of a single generic beast of their choice.
Ultimate Stand. As an action for 5 spirit points if they have the Requiem feature, they gain the benefits of Requiem for 1 minute without being pierced by the Stand Arrow.
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