Photon Repeater (4e Future Prototype)

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Photon Repeater Terrestrial Prototype
This laser gun is powered by a backpack battery, and has a very high rate of fire.
Slot: 2-handed ranged
Power: Encounter ♦ Photon

Standard Action
Ranged 20
Target: One, two or three creatures (up to 10 squares), or one target (up to 20 squares)
Attack: Level + 8 vs. AC
Hit: 2d6 + Dexterity modifier + twice your level photon damage

Salvage: Tech Level 2. A 2nd-level character can salvage the photon repeater. It becomes a light 2-handed ranged 20 weapon: Dex/Int; +3 accuracy; 2d6 photon damage. It has the Automatic mod but if you choose to use this mod's additional damage, it does not contribute towards ammo consumption.
Weight: 10 lb.

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