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As crazy as all this heisting stuff seems, we're all still human. All of us are scared to shit of what'll happen when we fuck up. I still have nightmares of getting you guys killed sometimes. That's why the first rule of heisting exists: always, without doubt, trust your gang. Trust them even over your handlers. They're not just your number one, they're all you have. Once you put on that mask, you all bleed red white and blue, and if you don't keep yourselves together, the police will split you like you're bowling pins.


There are only humans in the Payday world. This includes heisters, and NPCs.

Players can pick either the nonvariant human from base fifth edition, or the payday supplement human.

Yeah, sorry. I'm not great at giving pep-talks. That's as good as you'll get from me. Let's stop wasting time and go over the stuff.

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