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Heavy swearing. Drug use. Fun times for all


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Team up. Rob banks. Break in. Bag cash. Kill cops. Get shot. Be revived. Go to jail. Become the greatest. Die trying.

Team up with other heisters to become top-world criminals, assaulting facilities under the guise of night, or going all-out against hordes of unending cops, while enjoying the comedic edge of this silly looter-shooter mash-up of DnD and Payday 2..

It's Involved

This isn't like your average fifth edition combat, different mechanics and concepts have been introduced to make this setting have a unique flair when compared to normal fifth edition gameplay

It's Stupid

The Payday Supplement makes no great attempt at realism or making sense. Get to enjoy the feeling of firing an RPG point-blank in the face of a guard (and then dying, painfully).

It's customizable

The Payday Supplement has a wide set of variant rules and options to let you integrate any one of its elements into any other campaign. Homebrew or official.

Don't forget to get acquainted with the terminology we use around here.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Test... 1,2,3. Good. Hello there. I don't know who you are, or when you're hearing this. But I thought to leave some messages, I'll be gone soon, and I need to cover my ass while I still have time. These should teach you how we do things here at the Payday gang. So sit down and listen. I'll explain everything you need to know, and show you how thorough we really are. Oh, and before we begin: Welcome to the crew, Heister. Let's start with some basics

Players Guide

The Basics
I know, I know. But we need to go over them to get to the fun stuff.
I think you should listen to this.


World of <!-Setting->

Dungeon Master's Guide

<--An optional page which goes gives a general explanation of the world-->

Variant Rules
I hope you like seafood, because the world's your oyster.
Adding to Payday
There's a bit of space left in the recorder. Leave your mark.

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