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Weight: 1 ton
Speed: See below
Carrying Capacity: 1/2 ton

A mech used for exploring harsh and inhospitable places. One must either have built the prawn suit themselves or succeed on a DC 20 Intelligence (Investigation) check to start learning how to pilot it. Afterwards, they must practice operating it over the course of a long rest in order to gain proficiency with the suit, similar to attunement. One can gain proficiency in a different way as per the DM's discretion.

Speed: A prawn suit's speed is equal to that of its pilot, and it can traverse through water and other hazardous environments as though they were difficult terrain.
Prehensile: A prawn has 2 hands, and can use items as normal.
Protective Wear: When operating a prawn suit, the operator's Strength score is 20, their Dexterity score is 10, and their base armor class is 20. Any attack, spell, or other effect that would affect the operator instead effects the prawn suit.
Repairing: The prawn suit has its own pool of hit points equal to its operator's hit point maximum. When this pool of hit points is exhausted, the prawn suit is broken, and the operator can use a reaction to exit. A broken prawn suit can be repaired over the course of a long rest with tinker's and/or smith's tools. The prawn suit counts as a construct for the purpose of healing and spell effects, and is immune to psychic and poison damage.

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