Post-Mortem Servitude (5e Spell)

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Post-Mortem Servitude
1st-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M 10 gp, one medium or small humanoid pile of bones, incense worth at least 10sp
Duration: Instantaneous

Touch the forehead of a medium or small humanoid corpse or a pile of bones and burn the incense. The undead becomes a skeleton that can obey any order you give it, understand any languages you know, and act of its own will, but cannot attack. You can communicate with it telepathically within 500 ft. You can also see through its eyes, with darkvision, as if it was a familiar. The skeleton comes equipped with anything the corpse had before being raised, and can equip any items or outfits you give it.

Additionally, the skeleton has the capability of discarding its body to become a floating skull. The floating skull has a flight speed of 50, and 1hp. When the servant becomes a floating skull, it leaves the rest of its body and any gear behind, wherever it was. It can reconnect with any skeleton of the same size afterwards, including its own, to return to its original skeleton form.

At Higher Levels. At 8th level, you can create unlimited amount of servants but each one will cost a gem worth 50gp or more.

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