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Wondrous item, uncommon

This metal box is roughly one 8 inches wide and deep, and 5 inches tall. It's painted in eye-catching purples and blues and covered in stars, moons, and other celestial symbols. A lever protrudes from the side, and there's a slot mechanism on the front. Sitting on top is a smoke-filled crystal ball.

This item holds 7 charges, regaining 1d4+1 after you complete a long rest. As an action, you can pull the lever on the side, expending 1 charge and causing a folded slip of paper to be dispensed from the slot. When you do so, the DM rolls 1d6 in secret. On a roll of 1-5, the paper contains a cryptic but meaningless fortune. On a 6, it contains a cryptic fortune that is still relevant and useful. Alternatively, on a roll of 6, the DM may choose to let you restore a level 1 spell slot; if they do, they may also choose to make the fortune meaningless.

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