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Wondrous Item, rarity varies

The Red Stone, the Fifth Element, the Grand Elixir; this item goes by many names, but a single description: the pinnacle of alchemy. They are produced by only a select few who both know their secret and have the moral absence to create them, but when these conditions are met, stones of varying power are produced en masse.

Ultimate Alchemical Agent. While holding a Philosopher's Stone, a transmutation alchemist may spend any Alchemical Stamina within it as if it were their own. When a Philosopher's Stone has 0 Alchemical Stamina remaining, it shatters into dust.

If a homunculus consumes a Philosopher's Stone, they regain 1/4 the number of Alchemic Stamina points as soul points, or an equal number of temporary soul points if this would increase them above their maximum.

A Common stone has 12 Alchemical Stamina within it. An Uncommon stone has 24 Alchemical Stamina within it. A Rare stone has 36 Alchemical Stamina within it. A Very Rare stone has 48 Alchemical Stamina within it. A Legendary stone has 60 or more Alchemical Stamina within it.


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