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Cost: 2,000 gp
Speed: Special
Carrying Capacity: 300 pounds

Description:The gear used in Attack on Titan to get around at high speeds. Looking similar to if you strapped two large metal sheathes to your hip, this new age steampunk tech works almost like magic, simply by expelling large amounts of pressured air it propels the user at high speeds. Each sheathe has the ability to shoot one anchor that lets maneuver around a point and also can be fitted with up to 6 swords in either sheathe the swords must be made to work with the special grips that control and are connected to the ODM gear. (This mount is suited best for a steampunk campaign, but is feasible with any campaign housing magic. Ask your dm for suitability and final say)

Flavor description: The Figure seems to have large, box-like sheathes at his sides, they're rigged to an odd outfit on his thighs and hips, strapped onto him. Near the bottom of the front sides, several skinny rubber tubes connect to a sword with a a large trigger on its hilt. The sword itself, broken from his last attack, drops off at the press of a button with a loud clank; as he sheathes the hilt, upon hearing a hiss of air and a mechanical movement he pulls out a blade of the exact design destroyed. He fires an grappling hook like fixture behind you and before you know it has already moved to your side readying an attack.

Your normal movement speed while wearing ODM Gear drops by 10 ft but is unhindered if you have a strength of 13 or higher or have a feat that lets you carry at a different size category. You also must be a medium sized creature to use this mount.

While using this mounts abilities you cannot hold any thing besides the hilts that control it and the swords fitted for the blades can only be finesse swords. Any finesse sword can be modified for the sheathe but takes 100 gp and a long rest to do so.

Choose a point within 40 ft of you. You latch on to that point with one anchor. On your turn you can move to a space within an 80-foot diameter sphere of the latch point. This takes your movement speed. You cannot move upwards within the sphere if you do not have two anchors, or are at 0 fuel

It takes a bonus action to latch onto and release this point and you may shoot up to two separate points within 40 feet of you. If you have two separate points you must be within 40 feet of either one, but the two combined anchors can hold your weight, even while suspended.

Special Movement: Burst Maneuvers: While the ODM Gear is fully fueled it has 10 charges that can be used move by expelling pressurized air from the gear. Burst Dash: You may use 2 fuel charges to move again within your sphere. Burst Dodge:You may use 3 fuel charges to move up to 10 feet as a reaction(you do not need to be anchored nor can this be counted as willing movement, meaning no opportunity attacks can be taken against you) Burst Whirlwind: While using swords attached to your hilts you may use 1 burst charge to spin rapidly slashing hard and deep with both weapons, this maneuver may make an attack a critical hit, alternatively you may make a critical hit deal max damage; either way this destroys both blades.

To fuel this mount it takes one turn and 2 Burst Crystals (you may ask your dm if there is a different crystal that could create large amounts of steam in your campaign.)

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