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Size Large
Critical 20
Range Increment 60ft
Type Ballistic
Purchase DC 25
Restriction Mil (+3)
Damage 2d8
Rate of Fire A
Magazine 50 Box
Weight 39,1/2 lbs
Scope + 60ft


The OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) was being tested by the US military before and during the 7 Hour War. After the Combine successfully invaded and occupied Earth, the OICW became it's primary weapon of choice and was outfitted with a number of new Combine technologies. It is used commonly by Overwatch Soldiers and Resistance Soldiers, along with the MP7 and the AR2 Pulse Rifle.

The OICW is a select-fire rifle, which means that it can be switched from automatic to semi-automatic as a standard action.

When using it's full-auto mode the OICW fires at a rate of 5 shots per round. In this mode, the user may not use the scope, as it locks down on switching to full-auto. When using it's semi-auto mode the OICW fires at a rate of 2 shots per round. The upside to this is that the user may use the weapon's scope while on semi-auto.

The OICW's scope can be used when firing on semi-automatic mode or while not firing at all. This scope has a range of 60ft, and can be aimed down as a standard action. This grants the user a +2 circumstance bonus on all attack rolls with this weapon for as long as they are aiming down the scope.

The player cannot aim down the scope while moving.

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