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Mundane Alchemical Items: Mundane items that can be crafted with some application of Craft (alchemy).

D&D 3.5e Mundane Alchemical Items

Alchemical Item Price Weight
Flareshot (3.5e Equipment) 80 gp 1 lb.
Flashstone (3.5e Equipment) 60 gp 1 lb.
Mother's Milk (3.5e Equipment) 5 gp 0.5 lbs.
Poppy's Kiss (3.5e Equipment) 100 gp 0 lbs.
Strolga (3.5e Equipment) 45 gp 0 lbs.
Thundershot (3.5e Equipment) 40 gp 1 lb.
Truth Serum (3.5e Equipment) 45 gp 0 lbs.

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