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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a feather with a hilt
Home Plane: Nymnelia, The High Valley
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Flight, fortitude, justice, retribution, temperance, truth
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral
Domains: Air, Death, Destruction, Fire, Law, War
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
  • Nril (ner-ill):

As the war against Exaka grew fierce, Rejiksson channeled His power and might and created several new archangels to fight in the war. However, this effort put a lot of strain on the God, and before the final rights could be performed on the final archangel, giving him knowledge and purpose, it was stolen away from Him by Exaka's Devil lords. Rejiksson created this final mighty archangel that possessed powers even the Sosha Genia did not. The mighty archangel Nril was meant to balance the allocation of divine power in the cosmos, acting as a divine arbitrator. Exaka corrupted his purpose and used him as an instrument of horror, forcing Nril to unknowlingly fight his brothers and sisters. Rejiksson, enraged by the audacity of Exaka, Ordered his archangels to destroy Nril, lest he destroy them all. Thil, the first of the archangels, waged a brutal struggle against his younger brother. Thil proved no equal for Nril's monstrous power, which was cruelly revealed to be the power to consume other Gods. Thil was eaten alive, and a great wave of power roared into Nril as Thil's Divine Spark release him from Exaka's wicked manipulation. Nril was horrified and saddened by what he had done and bellowed so loudly and fiercely that the land beneath them erupted in volcanic geysers, severing the frontline of the battle. Seeking revenge, Nril, with his brothers and sister in tow, attacked the Fortress of Exaka with His sister and brothers (Ohmriel, Astor and Ordmal) and all but destroyed the God, who escaped. Rejiksson feared he had made a great mistake, and issued that his archangels would be locked away until a time when their power could be trusted. Nril, as well as Ohmriel and Ordmal were locked away for millennia as the Gods feared their powers.

  • Incarnation: Nril appears as a weary eyed young man, dressed in simple clothes, with a pair of great gray wings. At his side he carries a powerful bastard sword crafted by Veti. He stands slumped as if a great burden is carried on his shoulders, but walks with a weightless, fluid motion, as if moving through water. In combat, he moves with quick, solid motion, dashing and leaping, crushing the ground beneath his feet and slicing his foes with his sword.
  • Special Ability: God Eater: Nril has the power to continually absorb divine energy around him, making him more powerful as he does. Celestials and lesser Gods are nearly helpless against him. For this reason, he takes special care to never abuse this power, lest he attract undue attention from greater beings who would rather see him destroyed.
  • Special Ability: Godly Mettle: Nril is affected by energy differently than most beings. He is immune to damage from electricity. Cold damage heals him, and fire damage instead increases his strength and dexterity.


Obeying the law is the only way to ensure that everyone is entitled to their fair share.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

In lands that have fewer worshipers of Rejiksson, temples of Nril often serve as courts of law. However, in most lands, Nril is little known and holds little sway over the lives of mortals. Most followers of Nril are those who wish to change from their unguided ways and follow a path order, without straying from a path that offers destruction, death and war. Followers of Nril tend to be harsh, offering mercy to those only after their weakness has been shown to them. Followers of Nril often find places as generals of armies that surge across the land in holy crusade.


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