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Hey, that’s me!
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Hello, welcome to my User Page! Honestly I haven’t a clue what to write here given most of the stuff you need to know is in my Miniwiki, detailed below. I made my account on May 1st, 2020, right in the heart of the Covid Pandemic… Anyway, I love the idea of guns in DnD, so D20M is a blessing. I’m working on a huge project called Broadbarrel, which is a Wild West themed world of bandits, guns, and lots, and when I say lots, I mean lots of hot days. Broadbarrel is huge, so it’d mean a lot to me if you would join in on the effort. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my fellow Wikian!

Welcome To Kanon’s Miniwiki!
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  • 20:48, 1 July 2020 (MDT) Hello!
Hey guys, I made myself a miniwiki to organize my stuff, you’re welcome ;). I’m glad to see you, and I hope you’re enjoying yourself. So please, eat, drink, and be merry!
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This gallery is a collection of all of the art I made for my pages.

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The ability to homebrew most if not all of a game is a telltale sign of a good DM.

Kaiton Paragon[edit]

The Kaiton Paragon is a Kaiton Subrace, it’s size is gargantuan. There was only 1 in existence, and when it combusted, it left a mile wide crater known as Kaito’s Crater. Their purpose is to destroy, and they do so excellently. However, some mad artificer may come along and bring it back to life....

Ability Score Increase. You get a +5 ability score increase to all ability scores. You cannot exceed an ability score of 20 with this feature.
Shoulder Mounted Thunder Cannon. Kaiton Paragons have massive thunder cannons that can demolish practically anything. At the start of the Kaiton Paragon’s turn in combat, it can choose a target within sight, at the end of the turn, every creature within 100 ft. of the target, including said target, with less than 100 hit points dies instantly, others take 25d4 fire damage, and afterwards, lose a certain percentage of their remaining health, determined by a percentile roll, if they are still alive, of course. After that, the target gets disadvantage on all saves and checks permanently, as well as automatically failing all death saves with a critical fail.
War Machine. The Kaiton Paragon has 6 times as much health as it’s non-paragon equivalent, as well as 1.5 times the AC (Max 30, do not add Dexterity to the AC when determining said AC). Additionally, the Kaiton Paragon is immune to being knocked unconscious, even when dying.
Magic Combustibility. The Kaiton Paragon is vulnerable to fire damage from magical attacks. Additionally, after 1 day has past since the Kaiton was activated, even if it died, the Kaiton Paragon self combusts, instantly killing anything in a half mile radius, including the pilot, and dealing 12d12 fire damage to anybody in a 5 mile radius, as well as disarming, knocking them prone, and stunning them for an amount of minutes equal to the amount of fire damage they take, if the creature is behind cover, they take half as much fire damage, and are not knocked prone or disarmed. If a creature sees the explosion, they take 3d6 radiant damage and is blinded for an amount of days equal to the radiant damage they took. If a creature hears the explosion, they take 2d4 thunder damage and is deafened for an amount of days equal to the amount of thunder damage they took.
Repair Requirement. A player cannot chose this subrace when they start their campaign/make a character. In order to become this class, a level 20 Kaiton Oracle Articifer must expend 220,000 gp worth of materials, 10 lich phylactries, and an artifact, as well as 3 months of downtime to become this subrace. Additionally, the player can only become this subrace when located at Kaito’s Crater, the exact location of Kaito’s Crater is decided by the DM, but in canon, it’s in the heart of the Thunder Peaks.

Kaiton Subrace

Weaponry Weapons[edit]


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Mossberg 500[edit]

Mundane (Uncommon) Firearm (Shotgun)

Damage 6 + 2d4 Ranged Lower Hurtmod
Weight. 6 lb.
Size. Tiny
Value. $160

1 6 3 ⅗

2000g of Iron, Carbon, Aluminum

720g of Hydrogen, Carbon, Chlorine
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{{{chemcomp5num}}}g of {{{chemcomp5elements}}}
Consumes 3g of antimatter to transmute; requires Small transmutation station to transmute; takes 12 seconds to transmute.

5 lb. of Steel, Aluminum

1 lb. of PVC
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Consumes 25 lb. of fuel to craft; requires Small forge to craft; takes 7 hours of work to craft.

Manufacture Made by O.F. Mossberg & Sons on 1960 at/in The United States of America.
Description & Notes

KA-BAR 1282 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife[edit]

Mundane (Common) Blade (Knife)

Damage 3 + 1d4 Melee Higher Hurtmod
Weight. 1 lb.
Size. Mini
Value. $70

0 0 0

g of

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{{{chemcomp4num}}}g of {{{chemcomp4elements}}}
{{{chemcomp5num}}}g of {{{chemcomp5elements}}}
Consumes g of antimatter to transmute; requires transmutation station to transmute; takes {{{transmutetime}}} seconds to transmute.
lb. of 
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{{{matcomp4num}}} lb. of {{{matcomp4resources}}}
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Consumes lb. of fuel to craft; requires forge to craft; takes hours of work to craft.

Manufacture Made by Camillus Cutlery Co. on November 23rd, 1942 at/in The United States of America.
Description & Notes

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