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Wondrous item, legendary

Back during the height of The Syndicate’s power, they created Iron Guards to protect their nobility. These manuals explain how to create such guards and their control amulets. While crafting any number of Iron Guards, you can decide to add one or more of the Iron Guard’s control to one amulet. Crafting an Iron Guard requires at least 1 9th level spell slot and 100,000 gp worth of materials. The Iron Golem is crafted in 100 gp/day increments, so one Guard takes 1,000 days. If crafting more than one, add the extra 100 gp to the day, so 200 gp/day, and so on. The amulet takes at least 2 5th level spell slots and 10,000 gp worth of materials, crafted in increments of 1,000 gp each. When finished with the Iron Guards and their amulets, simply touch the amulet to any of the Iron Guards you want controlled by that amulet.

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