MV-2 Gauss Pistol (Fallout Supplement)

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PL 6 2mm EC 1/shot Handgun (Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 3d8 Magazine 8 Box
Critical 20 Size Small
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 4 pounds
Range Increment 50 feet Purchase DC 450 Caps
Rate of Fire S Restriction Rare, Midwest, West Coast


The MV-2 Gauss Pistol was designed in Mesa Verde by a tribe known as the Ciphers. When Caesar's Legion conquered the Ciphers, the schematics for the MV-2 slowly spread throughout the Midwest, even reaching the furthest edges of the Mojave where leading gun merchants such as the Gun Runners realized the designs in actuality. Like all gauss weapons, it utilizes powerful electromagnet coils to generate an electromagnetic field powerful enough to propel rounds at speeds capable of punching through almost any armor. The ammunition it uses, stored in an unusual side-mounted magazine, is the rare and hard-to-find 2mm, necessitating the use of a sidearm loaded with more easily obtainable ammunition when facing lesser threats. When fired, the round leaves an unmistakable spiral trail of ionized particles.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

Due to its speed and penetrating power, the MV-2 Gauss Pistol imparts a +1 equipment bonus to attack rolls and ignores 4 points of hardness and DR not provided by magic or force fields.

Weapon Mods/Variants[edit]

Combat Sights
Damage Bonus, Energy Pistol
Extended Magazine, Box
Magnetic Accelerator
Scope, Handgun

  • Craft: (Parts DC: 50; Parts Used: 20; Craft DC 35; Time: 60h) The MV-2 gauss pistol can be crafted at a Weapon Crafting Table with a Craft (mechanical) skill check if the crafter possesses the schematics for it.
  • Repair: (Parts DC: 40; Parts Used: 10; Repair DC 25; Time: 10h) A MV-2 gauss pistol can be repaired with mechanical parts with a Repair check. Alternatively, another MV-2 gauss pistol can be used in place of parts (a Repair check is still required). This gun is affected by the Jury Rigging feat, and as such can use other gauss weapons for parts if the feat is possessed.

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