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Missile Pod

A Missile Pod

PL 7 UNSC, Misriah Armory
25x130mm Slug
The M68 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor, more commonly known as the Gauss Cannon, is a weapon that fires hyper-velocity, high-density projectiles similar to those of a Magnetic Acceleration Cannon, but on a smaller scale.
Heavy Weapon
(Exotic Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 10d6 Magazine 750 Belt
Critical - Size Large
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 75 lb.
Range Increment 150 ft. Purchase DC 40
Rate of Fire S Restriction Mil (+3)

M68 Gauss Cannon[edit]

A M68 Gauss Cannon is a large, tripod-mounted magnetic accelerator cannon. It can only fire a single slug each round. 5 Slugs weigh 8lbs. When the Gauss Cannon hits its target, it explodes like a grenade or other explosive, dealing its 10d6 points of damage to all creatures within a 5-foot radius (Reflex save DC 18 for half damage).

See this page for background information.

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