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Kaltamorn Literature and Lore[edit]

This page details notable works of fiction and non-fiction present in the Kaltamorn region. These documents are either famous or important in some way, shape, or form.


The content detailed within these works has either been verified or is widely regarded as true.


Geography of Kaltamorn: Details the geography and is widely considered as the official reference for the geography of the Kaltamorn Region.

  • Author(s): The Kaltamorn Geographic Survey
  • Updated: As needed, or approximately every 5 years
  • Availability: Public Libraries; Stores

The Encyclopedia Magicka: Contains information on everything officially known about arcane magic.

  • Author(s): The University of Magic; Encyclopedia Staff
  • Updated: As needed, or approximately every 2 years
  • Availability: Academic Libraries; Government Libraries

The Encyclopedia Animalia: Details the various animals indigenous to the Kaltamorn Region.

  • Author(s): The Kaltamorn Wildlife Survey
  • Updated: As needed, or approximately every 5 years
  • Availability: Public Libraries; Stores

Nautical Guide to Kaltamorn: Contains numerous nautical charts and maps that detail the various bodies of water within the Kaltamorn Region.

  • Author(s): The Kaltamorn Nautical Survey
  • Updated: As needed, or approximately every 5 years
  • Availability: Public Libraries; Stores

Racial Guide to Kaltamorn: Contains in-depth information about each of the many indigenous races of the Kaltamorn Region.

  • Author(s): The Kaltamorn Demographic Survey
  • Updated: As needed, or approximately every 5 years
  • Availability: Public Libraries; Stores

Monsters and Magical Creatures: Contains information about each of the many non-animal creatures of the Kaltamorn Region. The content of which conincides greatly with that of Racial Guide to Kaltamorn.

  • Author(s): The Hanson Foundation
  • Updated: As needed, or approximately every 1-5 years
  • Availability: Public Libraries; Stores

The Kaltamorn Legal Reference: Details the various laws, legal precedents, legal procedures, and other related material of the Kaltamorn Region's government.

  • Author(s): The Kaltamorn Legal Survey
  • Updated: As needed, or approximately every 1-5 years
  • Availability: Public Libraries; Stores


These are stories that are based in fact but may have been exaggerated or embellished upon over the years.

The Black Unicorn
In the depths of the Age of War the Black Unicorn appeared. Standing at least fifteen feet tall to the shoulder, sporting a flowing black mane, piercing red eyes, and drooling blood, the creature was said to inspire terror in evil hearts just at the mere sight of it.

As evil festered across the land, hunting down the living and the noble, it began to develop an appetite for itself. Born of wrath, shadow, power, fear, and malice, a creature of a deceptively fair form yet horrifying power took shape in the Forest of Statues. Scores of demons, devils, orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins, skeletons, zombies, and even dragons would stand united against the Equine of Night. They would bring fire, fury, weapons, schemes, and magic. But the more they fought the beast, the stronger it became. Every battle the forces of evil entered into with the Black Unicorn was a crushing defeat. Not even armies consisting of tens of thousands of soldiers couldn't stop the creature.

Where were the evil deities that commanded the Dark Conclave? Arguing and quibbling over their own accomplishments thus far in the war. Having never cared for their minions in the first place, the political strife between the members of the Dark Conclave began to corrupt it from the inside out. All while their campaign fell to pieces.

Meanwhile the Black Unicorn would leave a wake of destruction. Entire rivers ran red and black with evil blood. Roads were piled high with the corpses of orcs. Dragons were found torn to ribbons and festering amid the towns that they had reduced to ruins. Forests full of evil fey had been set alight with no survivors. The more the Dark Conclave tried to stop it, the quicker and more dramatically they'd fail. The Black Unicorn could not be stopped as it consumed the evil that had stained and pillaged the land like a wolf preying upon a sheep.

Then the demon Kornath, the devil Iznar, and the dragon generals Volmire, Durnlas, and Pelartak rallied their forces without the permission of their deity commanders to try to corner and kill the Predator of Evil atop Mt. Malor. And so the battle of the Black Unicorn commenced. According to the Unlow Lists (stolen from a Dark Conclave encampment by Charles Unlow) they had mustered at least:

Total: ~13,277,000

Coordinating the attack took over a month. And once they lured the Black Unicorn to the mountain the battle finally began.

The Black Unicorn's power was horrifying. Using the magic its horn, the creature would fling hundreds of enemies into the air across the horizon with a mere flick of its head, sending them plummeting to their doom. Charging at an incredible speed, it would pierce through scores of shield walls and even skewer dragons. Airborne enemies were no match either as the Black Unicorn would using its magic to grab the enemy and force them into the ground at high speed. It seemed that the more powerful the measure taken against the creature, the more powerful it became in turn. A new strategy was needed.

Alas, it wasn't to be. For the bloodlust and hunger for vengeance of the Dark Conclave's non-deity leaders was insatiable. They simply had to slay this beast, the one that had made such a mockery of their power for so long. And so the battle raged for weeks. The armies would engage, be defeated, retreat with what remained and attack the next day. Over time, their numbers dwindled and eventually Kornath, Iznar, Volmire, Durnlas, and Pelartak were forced to fight the Black Unicorn themselves. They were absolutely slaughtered and were magically ripped to shreds in a matter of seconds. The Black Unicorn had won, and by the end of the eponymous battle, Mt. Malor was completely covered in the corpses and remains of its enemies. Not a single member of the Dark Conclave's force survived.

The only reason this story exists today is thanks to the brave angels, archons, and mortals who spectated the battle from afar whether by magical scrying or by subterfuge. In fact, when the battle was over an angel named Ieliel bravely approached the Black Unicorn and attempted to communicate with it. The creature merely snorted at Ieliel and trotted away. Never to be seen again.

According to various accounts the Black Unicorn was said to have the following abilities:

  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
  • Invulnerability
  • Ability to shoot energy blasts from its horn with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Ability to disintegrate creatures touching its horn.
  • Immunity to magic.
  • Ability to detect fear.
  • Ability to detect evil.
  • Super speed
  • Levitation
  • Ability to disintegrate creatures instantly if they made eye contact with it.
  • Heals while being near creatures who wish to harm it.
  • Learns and mimics abilities used on it.
  • Evil creatures that see it are terrified.

By the time it vanished, the Black Unicorn is said to have been responsible for the deaths of at least 80,000,000 members of the Dark Conclave's armies.

It is also said that the Black Unicorn would shed its horn from time to time after combat with evil. Rumor has it that some of these horns have been found and kept as closely guarded secrets, for though they may be infused with evil magic. They are said to be devastatingly effective at destroying evil. But this is just a rumor.


The content of these works was either never intended to be true in the first place or has yet to be verified.


These works have existed for generations. The content of which has neither been proven nor disproved.

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