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Incendiary Grenade

An incendiary Grenade

PL 7 Covenant Empire
Incendiary Gel (Burns when contacts Air)
The Type-3 Anti-Personnel/Anti-Material Incendiary Grenade, AKA Flame Grenade, is a Jiralhanae grenade that upon impact of a hard surface, the casing converts to liquid form, burning at around 2200 degrees Celsius.
Thrown Explosive
(Simple Weapons Proficiency)

Damage 3d6 Magazine
Critical - Size Small
Damage Type Fire Weight 2 lbs.
Range Increment 10 ft. Purchase DC 25
Rate of Fire - Restriction Mil (+3)

Incendiary Grenade[edit]

The Incendiary Grenade is one of the main grenades used by Brutes. It has adhesive properties; a creature or Character that throws a grenade can throw it like a standard grenade, or as a ranged touch attack may aim for a specific creature. On a successful hit, the creature or character must pass a DC 15 reflex save or be "stuck". A "stuck" creature of character takes double damage from the Incendiary Grenade and may not make a reflex save to half the damage. When the grenade explodes, the center of the explosion is the space which the "stuck" creature or character occupies when the grenade explodes. A miss works as normal for a thrown splash weapon, and a passed reflex save signifies that the grenade lands in the space that the character occupies, and that the character is not "stuck" An incendiary grenade explodes at the end of the round. Each space hit by the explosion is set on fire and burns for 1d6 rounds, damaging all creatures and characters that move through the space for 3d6 points of fire damage. The purchase DC shown is for a box of 6 grenades.

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