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Wondrous item, Legendary (requires attunement by a creature that follows a god, or is blessed by a god)

A bracelet made of beads seeming to glow with vibrant colors making three other faded images following behind a bit delayed, any spellcaster knows that the beads hold the blessing of the Four Gods

Charges of the Gods. when the user is victorious in a combat encounter, a third of the beads glow while the rest are darkened, the user gains 1 charge of the beads with a maximum of 3 charges, the user doesn't lose any of these charges unless they lose in a combat encounter. these charges can not be obtained again until the creature uses all of the charges, and when all of the charges are used the user can not obtain any until they complete 3 long rests, the user can activate these charges after gaining the maximum amount of charges.

Blessing of the Gods. the user can activate the beads powers by spending 1 charge, gaining the following benefits, until a new dawn:

  • Immunity to all conditions.
  • All ability score increase by +1 exceeding past 20 to a maximum of 24 permanently. You can not stack the score increase by expending charges.
  • Advantage to all proficient checks and saving throws.
  • Ability to cast 4 fourth-level spells at will without any components, upon choosing the spells, they can not be changed afterward.
A glowing blessed beads of the Gods which seems to radiate in the colors shown

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