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H1 SMG[edit]

A H1 Human SMG Model
Size Medium
Critical 20
Range Increment 40ft (SMG) / 30ft (Grenade Launcher)
Type Ballistic/Special[1]
Purchase DC 18
Restriction Mil (+3)
Damage 2d6
Rate of Fire A
Magazine 50 box (9mm ammo)
1 internal (grenade)
Weight 8lbs
  1. Damage depends on grenade used

H1 SMG[edit]

The H1 SMG is the favored weapon of HECU troops. It fires automatic, high velocity, armor piercing rounds. It use the same ammunition as the 9mm H1 Pistol except for the fact that it uses a different clip, and so the pistol rounds are not able to be loaded into the weapon efficiently. Due to kickback, the weapon becomes very hard to control after 2 rounds of sustained fire. After these two rounds, the range increment is halved until the user takes a round to regain accuracy. There is a grenade launcher attached directly underneath the barrel. Grenades fired from this launcher have a range of 30 ft, and travel in an arc. It takes a standard action to reload the grenade launcher. It takes a full round action to reload the clip.

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