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This equipment is best utilized with the Spell Points variant rule (DMG pg. 288), or equivalent.

Weapon (arrow), common

This magic arrow is distinguished by having an orange-red tip which resembles a swirling flame. Once this arrow is drawn, you can use your bonus action to focus on the arrow, causing it to glow with fiery evocation magic until the start of your next turn. When you use this glowing arrow as part of a ranged attack, the attack deals magical fire damage instead of its normal damage type. If the target is flammable, it is also ignited, and will take 1d6 fire damage at the end of each its turns unless an action is used to put out the flames.

Once it hits a target, this arrow is no longer magical.

You can expend 1 magic point when you use the bonus action to have both the initial hit and the ignited condition deal an extra 1d6 fire damage.

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