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Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Ferra's Life Story[edit]

Ferra is the fourth daughter of Etheria, and also the most intelligent and least outgoing. She's mostly tucked away in a dark corner of a library, her face hidden by stacks and stacks of books, some of which she's written herself. She doesn't read these books for intelligence, but for fun. Even when she was a child, she was the easiest child to appease. Give her a book and she'd be lost in the book for hours. Now she's in the library of whatever city in the Material Plane she's in, either reading, revising, or writing a new book on something non-fiction. She never signs her books, leaves the author area blank. She's written history books based on oral reports from her mother, her father, the Shadow, mortals who witnessed the event, her sisters, occasionally even casting a spell to go back in time and witness it herself while being careful not to disturb the timestream.

Ferra's Family Life[edit]

Ferra has an... odd family life. She doesn't see them often, but it's almost like they read her books and see her, like so many others. She's always in those dusty libraries, but she writes about things in the real worlds that she's seen herself, though no one ever sees her in the realms she writes about. When she sees her family, it's never as the ruffled writer that people occasionally see in the libraries, it was a cultured woman who's seen the universe and further. Always a delight for her mother.

Ferra's Clerics[edit]

I don't think it has to be said that Ferra's clerics are fanatic pursuers or knowledge and understanding, wishing to know everything about everything. They are fans of more extreme spells like wish, but never to wield out of anger or spite. By drawing on Ferra's energy, the clerics are able to calm their minds and become past things like irrational anger. Ferra has a relic, a book. It is always on her person as it is a very personal tome, her personal diary. It has a spell cast on it that makes it so that it never runs out of paper so it can be filled with endless words, endless knowledge. Legend states that anyone in possession of this diary will have the knowledge of Ferra herself. Ferra's favorite weapon is a wand, normally one that looks exactly like a No. 2 pencil. Her favorite creature is a sphinx, always able to give her a riddle to play with in her mind. Her favorite color is the white of a book's pages and her favorite spell is shapechange for when she wants to be hidden as something inconspicuous.

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