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25mm Grenade APW
Fat Man
Fat Man, MIRV
Grenade Launcher
Grenade Machinegun
Grenade Pistol
Grenade Rifle
Grenade Rifle, Chinese
Grenade Rifle, U.S. Army
Home-Made Rocket Launcher
Incendiary Mortar
M79 Grenade Launcher
Missile Launcher
Missile Launcher, Pneumatic
Nuclear Nellie
Red Glare
Rocket Launcher


Acid Grenade
Bio-Gas Canister
Bio Grenade
Boom Bug
Chemical Grenade
Concussion Grenade
Cryo Grenade
Dynamite, Long-Fuse
EMP Grenade
Fire Bomb
Flash Bang
Flash Grenade
Frag Grenade, Defensive
Frag Grenade, Offensive
Gas Grenade
High Grade Molotov Cocktail
Holy Frag Grenade
Home-Made Bomb
Incendiary Grenade
MFC Grenade
Mini Nuke Grenade
Molotov Cocktail
Nuka Cocktail
Piggy Bank Grenade
Pipe Bomb
Plasma Grenade
Powder Bag
Pulse Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Stick Fragmentation Grenade
Stun Grenade
Tangle Grenade
Tear Gas
Tin Grenade
Toxic Grenade


Bottlecap Mine
C-4 Plastic Explosive
Cryo Mine
Demolition Charge
EMP Trap
Explosive Trap
Fat Mine
Frag Mine
Gas Bomb
Gas Trap
Mason Jar Mine
MFC Cluster
Plasma Mine
Powder Charge
Pulse Mine
Remote Detonator Trap
Satchel Charge
Small Anti-Tank Mine
T13 Antipersonnel Mine
T45LE Mine
T45SE Mine
T86 Acid Sprayer
Time Bomb
Time Bomb, High-Yield

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