Erets and City-States In Chaos (4e Campaign Setting)

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Players Scroll Map of the Whole Continent

The world of Erets is in a dark and dangerous time. It is a time of war and chaos. The empire of the north is at war with the city-states of the south and the north is winning. Refugees and the wounded are everywhere. Starvation and death are everywhere.

This modern age is known as the "City States In Chaos" because of the continental-wide war that has lasted twenty-five years until paused in a tense stalemate. The civilized south lost most of the countryside towns and cities and the four remaining city states are surrounded by refugee camps, lost natural resources, and disturbed trade routes. Each city's government is fragile and open to rebellion. The masses are unhappy, starving, and homeless as war refugees. This is a hard time to be alive. The near future and far future are covered in darkness and hopelessness.

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