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Rating: 5 / 5
This is very comprehensive in most aspects.

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A world of Swords, Sorcery, and High Fantasy. A Seven Primes of Arkon campaign setting.

Author: Ixidor

Co-Author: QwertyPolopus
Content Minion: hbjasonbourneo
Work Log
A listing of my progress on completing the setting.

Players' Handbook

Races and Ethnicities
Descriptions of the many ethnic and geographic varieties of humans, elves, dwarves, and other playable races in Dominaria.
The many and varied languages of Dominaria. Common and Elven have both been split into smaller sub-languages to represent diverse and geographically separated populations. (Complete)
How the classes fit into Dominaria. Nothing groundbreaking here, but a little paragraph to read to make sure your fighter/wizard/etc fits into Dominaria.
Magic described in all of its normal forms as well as a few unique to this setting. Also spells that have been changed or removed completely.
Dominaria's take on the standard D&D pantheon. Each God's history, personality, and relationships among the deities. The names will be familiar, but I hope the feel is eventually unique.
Literature, Legends and Lore
These are the books, legends, epics, and lores in the Dominarian canon.

Dominaria Gezeteer

Dominaria's long history. A tale of war, peace, happiness, and bleak destruction. This is what truly sets this setting apart.
Geography, Climate, and Politics of the World
All of the regions, what they're like, and the myriad countries and cities that make them up.
The Guilds and Orders that influence life in Dominaria.
Calendar and Holidays
The varied calendars and holidays in use on Dominaria.
Cosmology and the Planes
My take on the standard D&D Planes. Again I hope the names are familiar and the feel unique.

Dungeon Master's Guide

What the setting is all about, and why I made it. (Complete)
Items of Legend
Unique and powerful artifacts from Dominarian history.
How certain standard creatures are different in my world, as well as creatures added and removed.
No world is complete without varied cuisine and good wine.
Sample Places
Example towns, cities, castles, and lonely ruins that won't appear on a large-scale Geography section. Use these to fill in the blanks and give an organic feel to a campaign.
Dramatis Personae
Active players, standard NPCs as well as important people in Dominaria.
Variant Rules
These are rules for playing in Dominaria that override the Core Rules.
Adding to Dominaria

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