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Creator's note on History[edit]

This main page contains stubs and then links out to the individual ages. The Ages themselves are moving along well. The 1st and 2nd ages are the most complete, and the aside from the 4th Age. The 4th Age is pretty done. The third is a pure stub but I'm going to finish the 1st and 2nd first.

Gedren Raidford: Salerian Mage, Wizard of the 8th Order, and Shepard to The Travelers - speaking to them in the year 65 of the 4th Age.

"Of the deep past few can say much, and fewer still speculate in a useful manner. We know little of what came before us, only that there was a history before humankind. When our ancestors first came to Dominaria there was peace for a time, but it could not last. We fought elves first, and fearsome warriors were they. Long life gave them experience that we could not match, and their mages knew of powers we could not dream of. They were strong, but we were stronger. At Whitebridge we broke them! We persevered and carved our place into Dominaria! We have long lived in peace with them since, and fought together too; but they have never forgotten their defeat that day."

"The birthing pains may have passed, but the world was a hard place still. Our forefathers fought beast nations then: whole countries of fierce creatures that you would not hear of outside of story or adventure now. The Minotaur bullmen, the strange centaurs - sylvan elves grown too close to the land, and feyfolk who sung their strange and powerful magic into the earth. These foes we defeated in turn, but still we were not content. Man fought man, and has continued to do so over the ages."

"Oh there have been evils and troubles aplenty aside from the avarice of humankind, but we have always had a special ability to create our own demons. There have been evil men from the west, evil men from the east, and even evil men who came all the way across the mountains to vent their ambition. None however, can match the scourge that was The Wandering One. He was a demon of our own creation, a man who went east to The Spire with the Great Expedition and was driven mad in the labrynth within. At least that's what we say to make ourselves feel better. We don't like the idea that a human, a normal rational human rather than a demon, could be capable of such evil. We convince ourselves he must have been driven mad in there, he must have tampered with things better left unknown - but I rather think he knew precisely what he was doing."

"He made three great wars on the world, and three times it took an ocean of blood and a generation of spent lives to stop him. His ambition and will were unmatched, and always he found allies ready to serve. The first time the elves drove him off, but only just. The second time the Paladins thought him banished, but he bent the very fabric of reality to come back to Dominaria. The third time we killed him: eighty years ago we destroyed him and locked what remained in the Cerlyn Fells, high above the Starfall Sea. His was an evil of our own creation, a man driven to evil by the blind ambition and callous cynicism of men with too much power."

"Thankfully now is a time of peace. The great upheavals are over, the Imperium unified for the first time in two centuries, and we have had almost 20 years of blessed peace. The Imperium is flourishing, Arcadia has reclaimed Felix and Concord, and the Calipahte is content to trade and be traded with. Even the Beldroni and the Kyprians have peace at home; and of the Northlands, not a peep. So be at ease my young pupils for although there is surely great evil in the future, there is none on the horizon."

Within the year, Imperial troops would burn The Travelers' town on suspicion of aiding the revolutionary known as the Dragon. Three years later, the Dragon would unleash the Wandering One with the Travelers' unknowing help. And a year and a half after that the Travelers were slain, sacrificing themselves to kill the Wandering One forever.

The Prothean Age[edit]

When the Protheans walked Dominaria and created wonders beyond imagination. What little is known about this Age is known only to the most learned scholars of the Ages, and then only to those who devote their lives to the truly ancient. The Voynich Manuscript is said to contain a full history, but it has only ever been partially deciphered and was lost when Centara fell in 69 FA.

The Prothean War[edit]

The greatest schism of all time. Into the conflict went a civilization perhaps unlike any other in all the multiverse, out of it walked Gods.

The Seldarine Age[edit]

The Age before humans arrived on Dominaria. An Age where elves lived, died, build great wonders, and burned their mark into Domninaria.

The First Age, 1-862 CR[edit]

Man first sails the seas and walks the face of Dominaria. He fights elf, beast, and man in his struggle to expand and settle this vast new world.

The Second Age[edit]

The Age of Wonders and a time of Legends. Man forms his first great Empires, North battles South, and mortals unleash a scourge from the ancient times. The sins of the Protheans haunt Dominaria.

The Third Age[edit]

An Age of Heroes and great evil, and a time of epic deeds. East meets West in the greatest war yet fought by man, man journeys to the ends of Dominaria in their greatest quest yet, and man creates their first monster. This became the Age of the Wandering One.

The Fourth Age[edit]

An Age born from strife and into peace, an Age that harkened and begged a return to greatness. A few shining moments which then fell into blackest evil, and now the greatest struggles of man.

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