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"The League of Justice" by Ed Hannigan

The Brave & The Bold[edit]

In a medieval twist on DC Comics, you can create your own D&D characters based off of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and many more. Imagine an Oath of Devotion Paladin who was raised by local farmers after the entire civilization of the kingdom Krypton was destroyed, or a Monster Hunter Conclave Ranger who comes from an island populated by warrior women, or even an Inquisitive Rogue who takes up the image of a frightening bat monster after his parents were killed by bandits.

Join any faction from The League of Shadows, a group of mysterious assassins that never seem to die, to The Green Lanterns, warlocks who get their powers from a their lamps that emit an emerald light. Backgrounds tailored to the world can help your character fit the setting of the medieval DC Universe.

Travel anywhere from the industrial kingdom of Metropolis to the hidden island of Themyscira or the sunken city of Atlantis to the mysterious bat cave underneath castle Wayne. Battle the corrupt king Alexander Luthor and his army of warforged, the insane bard The Jester whose spells can cause a man to laugh himself to death, and the demon lord Darkseid from his realm of Apokolips.

Classic DC stories can now be reimagined as high fantasy campaigns compatible with 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The Dark Knight Returns, Tower of Babble, and Crisis on Infinite Earths, as well as many other comic storylines, can be transcribed into stat blocks for easy use in game.

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Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

The many types of heroes and villains that inhabit this world
The fantastic and supernatural species that you can play as in this setting
Adventuring Gear
Potions and Poisons
Mounts and Animals
Other Goods and Services
Additional homebrew feats available in the setting
Spells & Magic
Info on custom spells and powers in this setting
Background & Languages
The many ways heroes are born and built
Downtime Activities
Activities heroes do when not in their tights

World of DCU

The World & Locales
Information on the planets, regions, and nations of the DCU
Time and History
A look of the DCU's history, mainly comprising of major events
A look at common societal trends and laws found in the worlds
Info on how the plane the setting takes place in interacts and connects with the broader multiverse and other planes.
The pantheon of the New gods of this universe from New Genesis and Apokolips

Dungeon Master's Guide

An examination/list of monsters found in the campaign setting
Various peoples and individuals that populate the universe
List of magical items and artifacts that you can find in this vast universe
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in the DCU.
Quests, dungeons, campaigns, and conflicts found within the history of the DCU
Tables for random encounters/loot tables/other things
Adding to DCU
An optional page for others to submit their ideas, advice, and anecdotes for the development of the setting

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