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Cost: 300000gp
Weight: 35 tons
Speed: 150 ft
Carrying Capacity: 1 ton ignoring fuel.

The Cyklop Stormwalker is a large bipedal walker from the universe of Leviathan (by Scott Westerfeld). It is mainly an anti-infantry unit, but the main cannon can be used against heavier foes. In the books, the Cyklop Stormwalker is mobilised by the Austrian military against the allied powers. The Cyklop Stormwalker's armament consists of two MG-08 Spandau Heavy Machine Guns and a 57mm cannon, however, if you want to play this vehicle in a more fantasy based dungeon, it might be more apt to replace the machine guns with heavy mounted crossbows, and the 57mm cannon with a lightning cannon (specifics below).


  • Size - Huge Vehicle
  • Creature Capacity - 6
  • Armour Class - 26 (24 when motionless)
  • Hit Points - 200
  • Speed - 150 ft
  • Damage Threshold - 20
  • Mishap Threshold - 40
  • Damage Immunities - Poison, Psychic, Thunder.
  • Damage Resistances - Fire, Lightning, Slashing, Piercing.
  • Condition Immunities - Blinded, Charmed, Deafened, Frightened, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned, Stunned, Unconscious.


The Stormwalker has a maximum crew of six, but can operate with only the pilot. However, some weapons are unavailable without the correct crew.

  • Essential Crew:
    • Pilot - Stormwalker cannot operate without a pilot.
  • Non-Essential Crew:
    • Primary Gunners (up to two) - Operate the main Cannon.
    • Secondary Gunners (up to two) - Operate the Heavy Crossbows.
  • Additional Crew:
    • Commander - Provides tactical support to the gunners, and can use personal abilities (ranged attacks)


Different parts of the Stormwalker provide different levels of cover for the creatures inside.

  • Helm - Pilot - provides 3/4 cover.
  • Primary Gunning Position - Primary Gunners - provides full cover.
  • Secondary Gunning Platforms - Secondary Gunners - provides 1/2 cover.
  • Commander's Perch - Commander - See 'Commander' below


The Commander has a number of additional abilities.

  • Command Hatch: the command hatch has different properties depending on it's state:
    • Open: Provides 1/2 cover and the commander can use ranged attacks (both weapons and spells)
    • Closed: Provides 3/4 cover.
  • Tactical Knowledge: The commander can use their action to issue orders, giving all gunners advantage for 1 round.


2 Mounted Crossbows[edit]

  • Use Gunner's statistics for bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • Base Damage - 1d10 Piercing
  • These weapons lose the 'Heavy' and 'Two Handed' Properties.

Lightning Cannon[edit]

  • Mode 1: Scatter Shot:
    • Fires a blast that does 1d12 + 6 lightning damage to every creature in a 15 by 15 ft square on a hit. The gunner’s Dexterity modifier and proficiency bonus are used for attack rolls.
  • Mode 2: Heavy Bolt:
    • Fires a blast that does 3d10 + 6 lightning damage to one enemy on a hit. The gunner’s Dexterity modifier and proficiency bonus are used for attack rolls.
  • Reloading - The Cannon must go 2 turns without firing to account for loading if there is only one gunner manning the cannon, and 1 turn if there are 2 gunners.

Colossal Feet[edit]

  • Stamp: Melee attack with reach, +6 + pilot's proficiency bonus if they are proficient with land based vehicles to attack rolls. Deals 2d12 bludgeoning damage on a hit.
  • Charge: The Stormwalker can move through small and medium creatures. If it does, that creature must make a Dexterity save, DC 12, taking 16 (3d10) bludgeoning damage and being knocked prone on a fail, on a success, the damage is halved and the creature is not knocked prone. If already prone, the creature takes an additional 16 (3d10) bludgeoning damage regardless if the save was a success or a failure. Each creature cannot be targeted more than once per turn.

Falling Prone[edit]

  • If the Stormwalker falls over (see mishap table), the pilot must spend 3 turns getting back up.

Mishap Table[edit]

d20 Mishap Description Repair DC
1 Engine Flare Fire erupts from the engine and engulfs the vehicle. Any creature that starts its turn on or inside the vehicle takes 7 (2d6) fire damage until this mishap ends. 15 (DEX)
2-4 Locked Steering The vehicle can move in a straight line only. 15 (STR)
5-7 Furnace Rupture The vehicle's speed decreases by 30 feet until this mishap ends. 15 (STR)
8-10 Weapon Malfunction One of the vehicle's weapons (DM's choice) can't be used until this mishap ends. If the vehicle has no functioning weapons, no mishap occurs. 20 (STR)
11-13 Blinding Smoke The helm station fills with smoke and is heavily obscured until this mishap ends. Any creature in the helm station is blinded by the smoke. 15 (DEX)
14-16 Shedding Armour The vehicle's damage threshold is reduced by 10 until this mishap ends. 15 (STR)
17-19 Damaged Axle The vehicle grinds and shakes uncontrollably. Until the mishap ends, all ability checks and attack rolls made by creatures on or inside the vehicle have disadvantage. 20 (DEX)
20 Fall The vehicle tips over, falls prone, and comes to a dead stop in an unoccupied space. Creatures inside the vehicle fall prone and must succeed on a DC 15 Strength saving throw or take 7 (2d6) bludgeoning damage. N/A


Any creature inside the Stormwalker other than the pilot can use their action to repair the vehicle. If the creature does not have proficiency with either smiths or tinker's tools, it rolls with disadvantage.

  • Ending a mishap: Roll a save using the stats on the mishap table, if the save is a success, the mishap ends. If the save roll fails, nothing happens.
  • Restoring Hit Points - As an action, make a DC 15 Dexterity check, with disadvantage if the Stormwalker is in moition. On a success, the walker recovers 2d4 + 2 hp.

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