Critical Blood Transfusion (5e Spell)

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Critical Blood Transfusion
4th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (blood from a donor, see text).
Duration: Instantaneous

You return a dead creature you touch to life, provided that it has been dead no longer than 1 hour, transferring blood to the deceased creature. The blood must be yours or from another creature that must be within 5 feet of you and the deceased creature through the casting duration.

Upon the end of the casting, the chosen creature loses an amount of hit dice equal to the maximum of hit dice from the creature being resurrected. Roll the dice: the creature being revived gain hit points equal to the number rolled on it, but loses all its own hit dice.

This spell also neutralizes any poisons and cures nonmagical diseases that affected the creature at the time it died. This spell doesn’t, however, remove magical diseases, curses, or similar effects; if these aren’t first removed prior to casting the spell, they take effect when the creature returns to life. The spell can’t return an undead creature to life.

The blood transfusion is taxing on all participants. Creatures that received or donated hit dice during the casting of this spell suffer 1 level of exhaustion.

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