Control Undead (5e Spell)

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Control Undead
7th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: 30 days

You target an undead creature in range. The creature must make a wisdom saving throw; It has disadvantage on this saving throw if its Intelligence score is 10 or less, and it automatically fails if its intelligence score is 5 or less. On a failed save, the target is brought under your mental control.

While an undead is under the control of this spell, and within 1 mile of you, you may telepathically issue commands to it which they follow to the best of their ability. If no commands are given, it will defend itself against hostile creatures.

During combat, the undead rolls for its own initiative. You decide what actions it takes and where it may move.
Undead controlled by this spell cannot be freed by means other than a necromancy wizard's Command Undead feature, or another spellcaster casting control undead or other appropriate spell of 7th level or higher.

This spell has no effect on creatures with legendary actions.

The spell ends at the end of the duration, or when the undead is destroyed, or when control of it is taken away.

At Higher Levels.

  • When you cast this spell using an 8th level spell slot, the duration increases to 1 year.
  • When you cast this spell using a 9th level spell slot, the spell lasts until dispelled or countered, or until the undead is destroyed.

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