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Creating a Character[edit]

When creating a character in the Shinobi World, follow the following rules in addition to the basic character creation rules presented in the Player's Handbook


Humanity exists as the primary, if not exclusive, sentient species in the Shinobi World, and as such this setting is based around 5e's variant human race. You may forgo gaining a feat at 1st level to instead gain a clan boon.


Along with all traditional, non-spellcasting classes and subclasses, you may choose the shinobi class. Magic in its traditional Dungeons and Dragons sense does not exist, instead each person gathers and manipulates their own chakra, gathered from their physical and spiritual strength, in order to form techniques, or jutsu, with effects similar to spells.

Additionally, instead of gaining proficiency in saving throws from your class, you may choose any 1 common (Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom) and uncommon (Strength, Intelligence, Charisma) saving throw to gain proficiency in.


While all traditional backgrounds are available, the genin/chūnin/jōnin background should be heavily considered. Players may forgo gaining background and class skill and saving throw proficiencies to gain the following:

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