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A harvested pheremone pod
Size Tiny
Critical 20
Range Increment 50ft
Purchase DC 30
Damage 1d2
Rate of Fire S
Weight 1/2lbs


"Bugbait" is the nickname vortigaunts and resistance members use for the pheropods harvested from dead antlion guards and used to control antlions. Bugbait is highly valued in antlion infested areas and some resistance members on the coast travel considerable distances to reach the vortigaunt camp, where supplies of it can be obtained. Possessing pheropods prevents regular Antlions from attacking, as they are fooled by the scent into believing you are an aAntlion guard. However, other antlion guards are not fooled

More a biological tool than a 'weapon', a human in possession of pheropods can nonetheless use them to very deadly effect, as they can command regular antlions. They literally become the pheropod holder's private army.

By throwing an antlion pheropod at any solid target, it causes the pod to burst, spewing out antlion guard pheromones. These pheromones cause all local antlions to be attracted to this spot as though through a dominate monster spell. This affects all antlions within 100 feet of the source. Antlions, once reaching the source and finding that there is nothing there, will go into a rage which lasts 2 rounds and adds a temporary +2 to all attack and damage rolls.

One can also squeeze an antlion pheropod, alerting all antlions within a range of 30 feet. This will draw them to the holder, placing them under the holders control as though affected by a dominate monster spell.

It takes 2 rounds of scrubbing with a wet towel or a sponge to successfully remove the pheromones from any type of clothing. This does not apply to cotton, cloth, or any other porous fabric, from which the Bugbait residue will not come off of unless cleansed via magic.

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