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Brute Plasma Rifle

A Brute Plasma Rifle

PL 7 Covenant Empire
Superheated Plasma
A modified version of the original Plasma Rifle used almost exclusively by Brutes.
(Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 4d4 Magazine 100% charge
Critical 20/x3 Size Medium
Damage Type Plasma, Energy Weight 13 lbs.
Range Increment 40 ft. Purchase DC 25
Rate of Fire S, A Restriction Mil (+3)


The brute plasma rifle fires superheated plasma. Each brute plasma rifle has 100% charge, and it's charge decreases by 1/2% of it's original charge by each shot fired. Using the full auto option uses up 4% of the original charge. A brute plasma rifle overheats after using 4% of its charge without a gap of at least one round between shots. A plasma rifle cannot be reloaded or recharged.

Plasma Weapons deal double damage to energy shielding, but are inherently weak versus unshielded targets. (Ex: Target has 20 points of shield, a shot is fired from a Plasma Pistol dealing 8 points of damage, shield takes 16 points. 4 shield remaining. Another shot is fired dealing 8 points against the 4 remaining, 2 points of damage are expended to deal 4 to the shield. Target takes 6 damage.)

See this page for background information.

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