Bracer of Inseparable Bonds (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

An arm bracer that was magically imbued with the power to connect souls. The bracer itself was first worn by a legendary falconer that suffered through the tragic loss of his feathered friend. He searched far and wide until he found a wise wizard that took his piece of armor and made it a spellcasting focus for a spell that would bring his bird companion back. With the swift movement of his wrist, the bracer glowed with a brilliant teal light, and his friend returned to life as if nothing happened to him. Centuries later, the magic used by the wizard to enchant the falconer's bracer was written into a spellbook used by adept falconers to enchant bracers of their own.

Avian Call. If you are not a falconer and you are in combat while in the woods, plains, mountains, or desert, you can use a bonus action to call an eagle, hawk, owl, or vulture to temporarily come to your aid. It then gains a +2 bonus to its attack and damage rolls and double your level worth of hit points. The bird called rolls its own initiative and takes its own turn, but obeys all orders given by you on its turn. After combat ends, the called bird leaves your party and returns to its habitat. You may not have more than one bird called by the effect of this feature at any time.

Inseparable Bond. If you are a 6th level falconer or higher, you can use the bracer to bind your soul to your bird companion. Doing so requires 1d4 hours of intense concentration. Once your souls are binded, you cannot gain a new bird companion, but in the event that your soul-bound bird companion dies, you can use an action to revive them at their maximum hit point value and cured of all conditions and curses. Once revived, they will instantly teleport to you. After your bird companion is successfully revived, you must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or you gain 1 level of exhaustion. All levels of exhaustion gained from this feature are removed after you finish a long rest. Once soul-bound to your bird companion, by looking at the color and brightness of the light illuminating from the designs on the bracer, you can also check your bird companion's current Hit Points, any conditions or curses affecting them, and how healthy they are without being able to physically see them.

The Bracer of Inseparable Bonds, Source

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