Bracelet of Alchemy (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, rarity varies (requires attunement)

When you first attune to this bracelet, and at the end of each long rest, roll a d6. One of your ability scores increases based on the result until you take off the bracelet, lose attunement to it, or the bracelet begins modifying a new ability. The amount the ability increases is determined by the bracelet's rarity. 1 is Strength, 2 is Dexterity, 3 is Constitution, 4 is Intelligence, 5 is Wisdom, 6 is Charisma.

During short rests, you may spend 1 hour focusing on the bracelet to reroll the ability score increase.

Bracelets of Alchemy[edit]

Bracelet of... Rarity Ability Score Increase
Alchemy Uncommon 1
Strong alchemy Rare 2
Powerful alchemy Very rare 3
Legendary alchemy Legendary 4

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