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Wondrous item, rare

A cardboard box is an industrially prefabricated box, primarily used for packaging goods and materials. It usually consists of a thin pasteboard with a corrugated paper center, and is largely composed of recycled paper.

The box is magically enchanted, and when not in use can be folded and collapsed such that it fits inside any travel bag or similar container. As a bonus action you can don the box, wearing it on your head and crouching down to completely obscure your form. While wearing the cardboard box you have advantage on Stealth checks, unless you were seen donning it by those you're attempting to hide from. Any creature that investigates the box must succeed on a DC 12 Intelligence check or conclude that it is in fact, just a box. When concealing a creature, the box has an AC of 10 and 1HP. If destroyed while deployed, it will reappear in the inventory of its last user after 1 minute. Additionally, the Cardboard Box has the following features:

Adaptive Box. You spend one minute magically camouflaging the box for its immediate surroundings. By concentrating on the area while holding the box, the outer design will change to be appropriate to the area- for example, if you are in a kitchen or market, the box design may change to that of an oranges box, with appropriate logo and images. Camouflaging the box adds +5 to the DC check to discover you, however wearing the camouflaged box outside the area it was changed for adds -5 to the check. You can spend one minute changing the box to a new camouflage or resetting it to default.

Transport via Box. You spend one minute magically weaving the name of a place you are familiar with onto the surface of the box. The location must be on the same plane of existence as you. It could be the name of a town, a tavern, or a specific part of a structure (i.e. Castle Dungeon, or Wine Cellar), provided that it is unambiguous relative to your current location. The outside of the box will change to reflect that this box is to be shipped there (i.e. To: Wine Cellar). The first creature that sees the box (but did not see you don it) must succeed on a DC 12 Wisdom Saving Throw or be compelled to deliver the box to its destination, unless it doesn't know the location, in which case the effect fails. You can choose to exclude any number of creatures from this check. Once the box has started to move, you cannot cancel this action by any means. You will be delivered at the destination in the time it takes for the creature to arrive there, by whatever means it possesses. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until after you've completed a long rest, from the time the box was delivered.

A Cardboard Box??

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