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The Birth of the World[edit]

The Birth of the World in Tirran lore refers to a celebrated, but fictional account of how the world came into being, and serves as the origin of the Great Mother's name.

Rooted in old Kerani story-telling traditions, the story tells how all Man, Elf and Kin were all born of the world around them, and how the world was born of the "Mother", a figure which is not described in detail, other than being described as ultimately loving and dearly looking after her children. She is assisted in this birth by the mid-wife, who blesses the world with its own sovereignty, and casts it out on its own path. The mother in the tale begets many gifts to her children as they brave the unknown, including the powers of healing magics, and knowledge of love and compassion, as well as that of the rituals necessary to guide all life in the proper direction, towards prosperity.

The myth is largely considered fictional in most scholarly circles, although most Kerani still swear by the tale as the proper origins of the world. Scholars debate the importance of the tale, as it does contain some nuggets of truth, as well as the two individuals in the tale resembling the Great Mother and Mara in demeanor and actions. Most have settled on the idea that the tale is a means of communicating the duties of new shamans who lead the Kerani tribes.

While it is considered fictional by most, it is still celebrated in most cultures across the world as a holiday, with festivals and events being held to honor the Great Mother for her continued guidance and love.

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