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There are several fascinating creatures on the rim. Some can be tamed while others will stop at nothing to kill you.


Main Page: Mechanoids (Rimworld Supplement)

“Killer machines of unknown origin. Hidden in ancient structures, under mounds of dust, or at the bottom of the ocean, mechanoids can self-maintain for thousands of years. This group of mechs seems to be unified in purpose, but not well-coordinated in action. While local scholars believe they're autonomous weapons left over from an ancient war, tribal legends describe them as the demonic servants of a sleeping god.” - Faction description.

Mechanoids are autonomous intelligent robots built for a variety of purposes. The technologies required to build them vary based on the complexity of the resultant mechanoid, with Spacer-level urbworlds being able to construct more simple mechanoids for companionship, combat and labor use, while only glitterworlds are capable of constructing the more advanced, quasi-conscious versions. Others still are constructed and utilized by archotechs.


Main Page: Insectoids (Rimworld Supplement)

Aliens from Sorne that were captured and genetically modified to hunt down mechanoids. This backfired on humanity as they were let loose on several Rimworld environments, adapting and dominating the local ecosystems, building hives and killing everything in sight. Mechanoids and Insectoids are bitter rivals fighting over who can cause humanity’s extinction first.

Common Animals[edit]



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