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Deadly Insect-like creatures that inhabit caves.


A large, genetically-engineered beetle. Once the worker caste of an artificial ecosystem of insectoids designed to fight mechanoid invasions, it is now often seen without its deadlier insectoid cousins. Still, its size and hard shell make it dangerous when it attacks. A eusocial creature, it cannot reproduce individually.


Not actually a spider, the megaspider is a genetically-engineered giant insectoid the size of a bear. Designed for heavy work and combat, its thick chitinous armor makes it hard to kill, while its long ripper-blades make it deadly at close quarters. It is, however, quite slow in open terrain.


A medium-sized bioengineered insectoid the size of a sheep. The spelopede is the middle caste of a hive, taking care of most work tasks as well as fighting with its digging claws. It's dangerous in combat, but slow on open ground.


A genetically-engineered hunter drone the size of an elephant. It can fly over long distances, dropping down on unsuspecting targets, ripping them to shreds with its several sets of ripper-blades and sharp mandibles. Serving as special servants of the insectoid queen, these monstrosities are deadly, fast and nigh indestructible.


The juvenile form of an insectoid, larvae are harmless, slow and easy to kill. After some time has passed, it undergoes a metamorphosis, turning into an adult insectoid. There is no way to tell what kind of insect will crawl out of its cocoon.


A giant, heavy insectoid that glides on dozens of tiny legs. Its thick chitin armor and sharp mandibles the size of an elephant’s tusk make it an excellent siege machine. Due to being extremely slow, they are somewhat vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics.

Royal Megaspiders[edit]

Not actually a spider, the royal megaspider is a rhino-sized natural spawn of the insectoid queen herself, serving not only as her bodyguard but also as a primary mate. Designed not for work, but for combat only, its thick chitinous armor makes it hard to kill, while its long deadly ripper-blades allow it to slay intruders in the name of his queen.

Insectoid Queen[edit]

A giant, genetically-engineered insectoid responsible for creating new spawn. A mother to the insects in her hive, a queen doesn’t do heavy work, and tries to avoid combat if possible. As massive as an adult thrumbo, the queen instills fear in most opponents. Her thick chitinous armor makes her hard to kill, whilst long, deadly blades can tear through plasteel shielding in seconds. Despite being quite slow in open terrain, an insectoid queen is capable of creating new larvae at a rapid pace, and should never be allowed to settle down.

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