Astral Sacrifice (5e Spell)

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Astral Sacrifice
1st-level Abjuration
Casting time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Components: None
Duration: Up to 1 Day

Having realized a hidden path to power, the caster makes an ancient and strange sacrifice, partially severing its connection to its astral self, interrupting the Weave of Fate. The Weave will not be denied forever, and eventually the link will be re-established even if the caster is unconscious, and normal maximum HP will be restored (although the creature's HP remaining stays at its current value when the bond is restored, after which healing effects may restore hp as normal), and any new effect that would normally reduce maximum HP will still function (the creature may be diseased, or have a standing effect that must be dealt with), but if Maximum HP is reduced to zero or less then Astral Sacrifice ends leaving other HP reductions in place and recalculated using the normal Max HP value. Ending Astral Sacrifice by any means does not heal the user for any hitpoints that were sacrificed. The caster remains connected to its astral self and is treated as fully connected for the purpose of other spells. The weakened connection is primarily observed only through the observation of a weaker overall life force. The caster does not lose any physical nor astral functionality nor mental acuity from this sacrifice, and it suffers no penalty finding its physical body when in Astral form as the connection is still intact. This interruption to Fate's Weave can be ended at anytime by the caster if they are conscious, or else it ends after 1 day. The caster cannot affect the astral connection of other beings with this spell, as it requires conscious acceptance of reality within the individual, but the spell can be taught to others in the same way any other spells are taught. This is a good spell for mostly Clerics or Paladins, but can be taught to other spell-casting classes such as Sorcerer or Wizard. If a creature has a maximum HP of 5 or less, this spell acts normally except that the maximum hp is set to the current maximum.

Some lost knowledge speaks of a mysterious and puzzling Astral riddle. To most it would seem like a sign of insanity, but for those with a certain understanding, it is a piece of a greater power.

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